Sep 2014
Michael Holdsworth

The Broken Foot of Adversity

I’m always amazed at how crazy and unexpected life can be, and this past week for me certainly didn’t disappoint. I should have known things were going to be a bit crazy when I had a homeless guy stop in front of my car at a crosswalk and ask to be hit so he could collect insurance money, but that would only be the beginning.

Only a few hours later I would break my foot as I heard distressed yips coming from a burning building and rushed in to save a puppy. At least I wish that was my story. Instead, I broke my foot while running on a completely flat, gravel path that the cross country team uses in part because it is virtually impossible to injure yourself there. One moment I was running, the next I was on the ground with some pretty intense pain.

Now that my season is over, I will have plenty of time to wonder what could have been, and look forward to some fun physical therapy and rehabilitation. Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe the feeling of looking forward to something to have it taken away from you, but I think this injury is representative of much more than just running.

As much as it sucks when it is happening, life is full of adversity no matter who we are or what our interests are. I don’t think I have met a person yet who hasn’t had some sort of significant setback or trial in his or her life, and that’s okay.

People define success in very many ways, but I believe a common thread among successful people across the board is an ability to overcome adversity. Struggles give people a chance to take some time to figure out what they can improve upon, to become even more perseverant or dedicated to a goal, or to realize who will truly be there to support them. Life would be so incredibly boring and bland if everything went perfectly all the time, and I don’t think people would ever experience real meaningful growth without some trials. It saddens me to see people who wallow in their misery instead of opening their eyes to see such a great opportunity to better themselves.

Granted, I’m not overly enthused right now to be walking around in a sweaty boot for the foreseeable future, but I am looking forward to the lessons I’m going to learn over the next couple months.